Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where do I find lacrosse equipment such as a stick, goggles and cleats ?

A: The following stores carry a limited supply of girls lacrosse gear - Lavin Lacrosse (Rosemount), Play it Again Sports (Eagan, Burnsville), Dick's Sporting Goods (Burnsville) or Sports Authority (Burnsville).

Q: Can middle school girls play for the high school team?

A: In some instances a 7th or 8th grade girl can play for the high school team.

- You would need to fill out the District 196 Gifted Athlete paperwork. (From the middle school athletic office.)
- Be approved by the middle school and high school athletic directors as well as the district office.
- Roster spots must be available on Varsity or JV Teams. (High school players will not be cut to make room for middle school participants.)
- You need to fully participate in the team tryouts and then team practices. (On time and there every day, no exceptions for middle school schedule.)
- Be skilled and mature enough to play at a high school level.
- You would have to be selected by the coaches.

Q: Do all seniors make the varsity team?

A: Seniors are not automatically placed on the varsity team. Team placement depends on skill level and attitude for players of any grade level.

Q: Will players be cut from teams following tryouts?

A: Currently we are anticipating that all girls will be placed on either Varsity or JV Teams. If numbers permit, we would add a B Team as well. Any girls that tryout will be placed on a team this season.

Contact: Coach Lauren Grotkin