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The instrumental music staff at Eagan High School welcomes the incoming freshman band students to our program. We are very pleased that you have chosen to continue in this outstanding music tradition. With the addition of enthusiastic and well prepared freshmen each year, we believe that our program will continue to grow in quality.

To answer the many questions you may have about band at Eagan High School, here is a list of FAQ's and Fast Facts.

TRIMESTER 1 Instrumental Music Courses
PERIOD 3 Varsity Band 0847 Marching/Concert Band (grades 10-12)
PERIOD 5 Freshman Wildcat Band 0801 Marching/Concert Band (grade 9)

TRIMESTER 2 & 3 Instrumental Music Courses
PERIOD 2 Concert Band 0832-1 Con Band B/C (grades 10-12)
PERIOD 3 Wind Ensemble 0848-1 Wind Ens B/C (grades 9*-12) (only the freshmen who score above the 95th percentile on their freshmen audition are invited to audition for Wind Ensemble.)
PERIOD 4 Wildcat Band 0802-1 Wcat Band B/C (grade 9)
PERIOD 5 Wildcat Band 0802-2 Wcat Band B/C (grade 9)
PERIOD 6 Symphonic Band 0830-1 Sym Band B/C (grades 10-12)

  • Band is a 3-trimester course. You must sign up for all three trimesters
  • Band meets daily
  • Lessons are required and account for 50% of a students grade
  • All students participate in sport pep bands (3-4 times in fall, 2-3 times in winter, plus tournaments). This is part of your grade.
  • Attend all concerts. This is part of your grade.

    Common Questions Answered
  • There are NO CONFLICTS between athletics and curricular band courses.
  • The lesson schedule rotates so that students taking lessons at EHS do not need to miss the same class repeatedly. This is different from the lesson scheduling in middle school.
  • Students may opt to take lessons from a qualified private lesson instructor outside of EHS. In that situation, students do not need to take lessons at EHS. See the "lessons" page on this website for information about the private lesson verification process.
  • All T1 freshmen marching band rehearsals are held during the school day. (There are NO summer marching band rehearsals for freshmen.)
  • The freshmen march at only ONE halftime show in the fall.
  • There are NO practice sheets required for high school band.
  • Winter Drum Line, Jazz Band and Chamber Ensembles are co-curricular extensions of curricular band courses. Students must be enrolled in curricular band courses to participate in co-curricular band activities.
  • There are 5 required classes and 2 electives for grades 9-10 at EHS; There are 2 required classes and 5 electives in grades 10-12 at EHS. (You have plenty of time to complete electives during later grades).

  • EHS is a Grammy Signature School for music (national award).
  • EHS bands received the 2001 “What’s Cool in Your School” Award by MENC (national award)
  • EHS bands travel every three years. Past destinations have included Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Germany, Austria, Italy, and most recently to France for spring break of 2013.
  • EHS bands boast a repeating State Champion Winter Drum Line
  • EHS Wind Ensemble, Drum Line, and Jazz Ensemble 1 have all performed for the MMEA State Music Convention on multiple occasions. This honor is by audition only.
  • EHS has been a pilot test school for several new music software releases.