A year with Link Crew begins with a spirited and interactive freshman orientation at the start of the school year. A general assembly, facilitated by your trained coordinator, takes students through a series of fun, whole group activities that will have participants laughing and simply enjoying their first minutes of high school. Unlike many orientations which are performances for the freshmen, the Link Crew orientation assembly creates a participatory experience for both the freshmen and the Link Crew Leaders to start to get to know each other and build positive relationships.

Next, the Link Leaders lead their Crew of ten freshmen through a series of fun, positive activities designed to help them all get to know each other as well as learn important campus information. These activities spark discussion and thought regarding the upcoming responsibilities, choices and challenges of being in high school. The result of this small group experience with the Link Crew Leaders is that the freshmen not only get to know older students on campus who will support them throughout the upcoming year, but they also learn how much the school believes in and is committed to the success of all of its students.

The Link Crew orientation day concludes with a closing assembly in which the entire freshman class and their Link Crew Leaders end the day hearing a powerful message that encourages them to think about the choices they make during their years in high school. At the end of the day the freshmen walk out of the gym excited about school and anticipating the positive year to come.

The goal of orientation day is to welcome the freshmen to their new campus, introduce them to their Link Crew Leader to set the transition program in motion, and to encourage them to think about the path they will take during the next four years.