More than a one day event, Link Crew is a yearlong high school transition program. The strength in Link Crew lies in the fact that it is not just an orientation day, rather a program that is active throughout the year.

Yearlong connections make Link Crew effective; a 1998 study cited by the National Association of Secondary School Principals found that 6-8 contacts in a year are necessary in order to establish a relationship that truly makes a difference. The Link Crew freshman transition program provides your school with the structured formula that makes it possible to maintain yearlong connections that affect change on your campus.

Beyond Orientation

Academic Follow Ups, give Link Leaders the opportunity to visit freshmen classes several times throughout the year. During these visits, Link Leaders teach structured lessons on topics such as using your available resources, time management, and achieving excellence. The power of these Follow Up Lessons comes from the fact that younger students are learning from the older students who have had a variety of experiences, successes and challenges.

Social Follow Ups are organized social events in which Link Leaders and freshmen reconnect several times a year in order to strengthen the relationships that were established at orientation. Social Follow Ups are organized and facilitated by the coordinator, in conjunction with the leaders, and may include activities such as going to school sporting events, eating lunches together, or attending a campus movie night.

Leader Initiated Contacts happen outside of the structured activities and are another way for Link Leaders and their freshmen to connect. Link Leaders make personal contact with their freshmen through phone calls and visits on campus in order to develop the personal relationship that will allow the Leader to be a support throughout the year.

Link Crew lives on your campus, supporting the freshmen throughout the year, in more than these three ways. The Link Crew freshman transition program also guides freshmen toward academic and social success in high school by providing structures for tutoring, acknowledgement of student achievement and peer counseling.