NHS Policies

NHS members are expected to uphold all of the qualities of an outstanding NHS member at all times. All members are required to remain in good standing academically. They are required to be leaders in the school and the community and maintain good character at all times. Finally, members are required to complete service activities within the school and community.
  • All members are required to attend our monthly meetings, including induction practice and induction itself. This includes PSEO and SES students. The meeting schedule for the entire year is established in September and immediately posted here and to our sister website, www.eagannhs.org.
  • All members must complete twelve hours of service each trimester. All necessary forms must be turned in by the last day of each trimester. Seniors, however, will be required to turn in half their spring hours in early May because of deadlines associated with the graduation pamphlet.
  • To receive credit for service hours, members must completely fill out the hours form, including a clear description of the activity and specific dates, and the supervisor cannot be the member's parent. (If the parent is the supervisor, please see Mr. Eichele for individual approval.)
  • Any member who violates an EHS rule or is otherwise punished for some violation by the school may be dismissed from NHS. Furthermore, failure to uphold any NHS value can result in dismissal.
  • Each unexcused meeting absence will result in two additional required service hours for the year. Only school-related or otherwise unavoidable absences (for example, illness) will qualify as excused absences. To receive an excused absence, you must contact Mr. Eichele within one week of the missed meeting.
  • If you have more than two unexcused meeting absences, you will be dismissed from NHS.
  • If you do not complete your required hours for one trimester in the next trimester, you will be dismissed from NHS. If you have penalty hours, you must complete those by the end of the school year; failure to complete penalty hours by the end of the year in which they were assessed will result in dismissal as well.
  • Students who log more than twelve service hours per trimester can apply up to five of those hours to the next trimester. The spreadsheet on our sister website, www.eagannhs.org, will automatically carry those hours over to the next trimester. No action is required by the NHS member him or herself.
  • NHS members may submit up to five summer service hours. These hours will qualify for the fall trimester only (or can roll back to cover spring of the previous year).

Contact: ross.eichele@apps.district196.org