National Letters of Intent Signing

Jordan Anderson, Lacrosse at Missouri Valley College, Nov. 11, 2015
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National Letter of Intent
Eagan High School is proud to announce that the following seniors will sign National Letters of Intent on Wednesday,  November 11, 2015.    We will celebrate this in a small ceremony at Eagan High School on National Signing Day.

Ms. Brooke Madsen- Penn State

Mr. Parker Lemke – University of Minnesota

Mr. Alex Crow – South Dakota State University 

Ms. Jordan Anderson – Missouri Valley College

Please join Eagan High School in congratulating these student-athletes in their success!

Jordan Anderson, Lacrosse at Missouri Valley College, Nov. 11, 2015
"I decided to go to Missouri Valley because the small town feel was something I was always interested in. After touring the campus and staying overnight with one of the lacrosse girls, I made many new friends. Everyone there made me feel like I belonged. The city of Marshall, though small, is perfect for me because, coming from a bigger school I’ll feel like a big fish in a little pond. One thing I particularly liked was the fact that everyone I met was from a different state. There were so many people from the east and west coasts and it was really cool getting to meet people with different backgrounds. Most of the students there are also athletes so it is very easy to relate because we all have something in common, the love for our sport. Before joining lacrosse I said “i’ll just try it for fun!” It was cool having a fresh start and trying something new. But as the years stacked up, I began to get more and more competitive and the sport jumped to one of my favorites. My teammates here at Eagan were constantly making me laugh and practices were just as enjoyable as games. That type of atmosphere really helped our team become a family, and my passion for lacrosse grow. I am extremely excited to continue playing the sport I love for a few more years!"