Photos - Link to Shutterfly

Please feel free to add your photos/videos of the season.
Here are the steps you need to take in order to do so.
1) Go to
2) Create a Shutterfly account. (Note: When you become a member you get 50 free 4x6 prints - good for 30 days.)
3) In the upper right hand corner click on “Ask to become a member”
a. Enter screen name
b. Optional message
4) This will generate an email to the site owner for permission. Once they accept your request you will be able to post your photos, make comments, and receive notifications when changes are made to the site.
5) Uploading photos/video.
a. When you upload your photos they first go into your “My Shutterfly” site.
b. Create an album for each meet.
6) Go to the
a. Create a new album
1. Click the “Add album” button
2. Select a new album - I have been using the following format (Location or visiting team - Date - Name of Photographer)
3. Select photos
4. Click “Add to site”