National Art Honor Society
N.A.H.S. Creates Painting for ISD 196 District Service Center

National Art Honor Society

Beyond Curriculum - National Art Honor Society
Art extends beyond the classroom at EHS, through the National Art Honor
Society (NAHS), an honor and service organization sponsored by the National
Art Education Association. EHS and its two sister schools host three of
the dozen or so Minnesota chapters of NAHS. Students become members of NAHS
by invitation, having met national standards. A few examples of NAHS activities
include the following:
  • Painting an exterior mural at Glacier Hills Elementary School
  • Painting of advertisements for the baseball outfield wall
  • Doing backdrops and set paintings for various EHS television and theater
    productions, including Encore" and "Music Man"
  • Teaching at the Zoo
  • Visiting the St. Olaf College Art department during their High School
    Arts Day
  • Attending a workshop at Minneapolis College of Art and Design as part
    of the Scholastic Arts Awards Program
  • Wall painting at the Eagan Ice Arena and at the Eagan Police Department
  • Face painting at a variety of community events

NAHS students love to share their enthusiasm and talent in Art and welcome
opportunities to serve the community. Each year the students raise scholarship
money to be offered, through the Eagan Foundation, to one NAHS student who
plans to pursue a career in Art. Students may earn an EHS letter in Art
by accumulating NAHS service hours.