General information
Eagan High School
Fall, Winter and Spring Eagan Academy
General Information

The purpose of Eagan Academy is to build students’ academic skills and success in school. Eagan Academy will offer students the opportunity to make-up previously failed required classes, provide additional support with assignments and promote student success connectedness to school.

Students may blend instruction and take up to 3 classes in a given session of Eagan Academy. Students will not earn a traditional grade in any of these courses. After completion of the courses, students will either earn a “pass” grade or a “no credit” grade. There is no “appeals process” for the Eagan Academy.

Courses will be held after school from 2:30-4:50 pm Monday-Thursday. Students will be required to attend “in person” instruction one of these days per week-per course as prescribed by the school. The other days students will be required to do “on-line” work, which may take place at EHS or on-line at home All courses will have a blended format of on-line and in-person instruction.

Students must register online by going to and click on Eagan Academy under the "What's New" box. All students must have the approval of a school counselor and parent to enroll in classes. EHS Counselors will review the applications to ensure that students are registered for only the required courses, which the student has failed.

Course offerings are subject to change due to the number of student registrations and faculty availability. There is limited seat availability into these on-line courses and preference for a session will be given by the date the application is returned. Those not enrolled at the beginning of Eagan Academy will be put on a wait list and may be offered the course at a later date.

All regular school rules are in affect during Eagan Academy hours.

More detailed information on the dates of individual courses will be emailed to student's parents and a paper copy given to Eagan Academy Students through their PAWS class.