Class Handouts and Helpful Worksheets

Periodic Table of Elements

Rules For Naming Compounds and Polyatomic Ions Sheet

Electronegativity Periodic Table

Systems of Measurement Handout

Solubility and Activity Series Handout

Chart to help with molar conversions

Acid/Base Formulas

 Trimester 1 Class Notes

Matter Notes

The Atom and Periodic Table Notes

Electron Configurations Notes

Energy, Light, and Flame Test Notes

Ionic and Covalent Bonding Notes

Naming Compounds Notes

Lewis Dot Structure Notes

Molecular Geometry Notes

Intermolecular Forces Notes

 Trimester 2 Class Notes

Chemical Reactions Notes

Predicting Products Notes

Metric System Notes

Accuracy, Precision, and Measurement Notes

Significant Figures Notes

Density Notes

Notes on Moles and Molar Conversions

Balancing Equations Notes

Stoichiometry Notes

Limiting Reactants and Percent Yield Notes

 Trimester 3 Class Notes

Gas Laws Notes

Thermochemistry and Phase Change Notes

Heat Curve Help Sheet

Solutions, Molarity, and Dilution Notes

Acid and Base Notes

Titration and Neutralization Notes

Naming Acids and Bases Notes