The US Supreme Court
Roberts Court 2010+
Welcome to the U.S. Supreme Court world!! While you are here you will need to follow certain guidelines that have been established for you. The resources that are needed to complete your requirements can be directly accessed from this page. Good Luck !!!!

You are responsible for all information covered in this assignment. Your first assignment is to access the United States Constitution (you may also use your notes for the questions) and answer the following questions. (We also covered this in class.)

CONSTITUTION QUESTIONS (Link Below) These may also be found in your notes!

1. Where in the constitution are the courts discussed? (Article #)
2. What are three examples of case types when Federal courts are involved?


Now that you have reviewed the foundations of the Judicial Branch lets dig a little deeper. Please answer the following questions while viewing the power point. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL INFORMATION IN THIS POWERPOINT. Take notes or you may print the material at home. Do not print now!!!

3. Who is the current Chief Justice?

4. Who was he appointed by?

5. What is his background? There is a link on each slide to take you to more information - you NEED more than just what is on the slide

6. Choose TWO additional Justices: find out who appointed him/her and describe their background. There is a link on each slide to take you to more information - you NEED more than just what is on the slide

7. What happens when laws do not agree with the constitution?

8. Explain the importance of Writ of certiorari.

9. How long can a Supreme Court Justice Serve?

10. Describe the functions at the different levels of the US Federal Court System.
(linked via the Federal Court System)

11. State what each of the articles are in the Constitution.
(accessed via the Constitution page)

12. On the Famous Justices page: State for each of the three former Chief Justice at least one item of importance during their tenure as chief, then choose one other chief justice (state who the justice was) and a key case during their time as CJ.


Your next step is actually looking at a past Supreme Court decision and deciphering the outcome of the case.
Please access the following case and answer the questions provided.
New Jersey v. T. L. O.

13. What are the facts (what happened) of the case?

14. What was the precedent set by the case (future ramifications/consequences in schools)?
15. How could this effect you, your community, or your country? (This is a thinking question)