Background information
Stephanie Molstre-Kotz has worked at Eagan High School for over fifteen years. She earned her Visual Arts Teaching Degree from the University of Wisconsin, Stout and her Master of Fine Arts from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

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Photography I, Art
Photography A explores black and white photography, and digital photography. composition and technical applications
Photography II, Art
Photography III, Art
Art I
Survey Art I is a foundation course covering the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. This course is necessary to go onto other concentrated subject areas in art. Importance will be placed on creative design, problem solving and exploration of artistic interest. Students will be expected to focus on the development of technical skills, personal vision in the art making process and develop a basic understanding of the historical context of the visual arts. Topics covered in classes will include technical demonstrations; slide presentations, studio work time and critiques.
Advanced Placement Portfolio
A.P. Portfolio is a course designed for seniors who whish to advance their skills and understanding of the Visual Arts. Students who complete the three trimester course may choose to send a selection of their completed works to the A.P. board for consideration of college credit.
Painting I & II
Drawing I, II, III
Drawing classes include observational drawing and imaginative drawing.
Art II
0102 Survey Art B Grades 9,10,11,12 Prerequisite: Survey Art I Survey Art II are required of all art students preparing to enroll in Graphic Communications, Drawing and Painting. Emphasis is placed on the development and application of technical and compositional skills through two-dimensional art experiences including drawing, painting, printmaking, and the history of art.�
Ceramics I, II, III
Ceramics will provide students an understanding and experience in the different techniques, styles, media and tools. A studio course designed to cover the making of pottery, from the building by hand or throwing on the potter's wheel to the application of ceramic glazes and the firing procedures, to produce finished ceramic ware. Sculptural Vessel*Cylindrical vessels*Spontaneous Pots*Historical Vessel*Tea Pot*Matching Sets*Place Setting*