The following clubs meet District 196's lettering policy and are open to Eagan High School students. These clubs are not sponsored by Eagan High School nor does it oversee them. 
District 196
Guidelines for Accepting Non-School Organizations for Student Letter Awards
The following guidelines will be used to determine if students participating in non-school organizations are eligible for letter awards.
1.The requesting organization must be affiliated with governing national and state entities with established participation standards and sponsored sanctioned competitions.
2.A minimum of 10 students attending District 196 high schools must participate in the activity and represent their attending high school in all competition events. 
3.The sponsoring organization must have a student participation base representing a minimum of 32 Minnesota high schools.
4.Competition events must be against students in grades 9 through 12 representing high schools and not clubs.
5.The organization must have a competition structure which advances participants to an officially recognized state championship competition. 
Sponsoring Organization Requirements
1.The sponsoring organization governing body assumes all program financial support, facility and equipment requirements and liability for the program and students.
2.The sponsoring organization will assign an adult liaison to work with the high school in approving student eligibility guidelines, a Student Code of Conduct, lettering policy and related communication issues. 
3.Schools will not provide confidential student data information to organizations nor will schools distribute literature or allow the posting of information in the school regarding the organization.
The contact information of the club leader and a website address, if they have provided one, are below.  
EHS Bowling Team
Dennis Bowes

ISD # 196 Equestrian Team
Dawn Moore

EHS Mountain Biking Team
Brian Plants
EHS Building contact:  Kevin Dirksen  ;

EHS Trap Team
Rick Jensen
More Info at
EHS Trap Team web site

Eagan Ultimate Frisbee (WUFDA)
Pete Carr

Alicia Carr:


Eagan Rugby Club
Eric Curtin