Link Crew Code of Conduct
As a member of Eagan High School’s Link Crew, I promise to:
1. Show dedication and responsibility
___ I will attend all Link Crew and team meetings/events and notify my partner if I can’t make it.
___ I will do my part in all Link Crew related activities.
___ I will actively find answers to any Link Crew related questions.
___ I will regularly keep in contact with my Crew throughout the year.
2. Show respect
___ I will deal with people and situations in a way that reflects positively on Eagan High School.
___ I will set a good example with my behavior—in and out of school.
___ I will actively curtail bullying, especially against freshmen.
3. Show enthusiasm
___ I will display a positive and spirited attitude toward our school.
___ I will help freshmen see what a great place Eagan High School is.
Please initial each line; your initial indicates you have read and understand the expectations for an EHS Link Crew Leader.
Eagan High School’s Link Crew Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Policy
Each selected member of Eagan High School’s Link Crew understands that the following policy exists. Any inappropriate behavior—including but not exclusively limited to possession of drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, or tobacco; or use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco—that comes to the Link Crew Coordinators’ attention will result in an immediate review of said behavior and could lead to a leader’s removal from Link Crew.
“Be a presence at school as a model of positive behavior.”
As an Eagan High School Link Crew Leader, I understand these policies and the consequences if I choose to violate them. I am aware that failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in my dismissal as a Link Crew Leader.
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