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For Activity Fee payments:

Jazz Bands and Winter Drumline require students to pay the Fine Arts Co-Curricular fee in order to participate. Please pay the correct fee, which is separated by grade (10-12th has its own, 9th has its own).

For Instrument Rental fees:

Before you pay your instrument rental fee you must carefully choose the correct option for your situation:

8842 – All Percussionists

9177 – Most Woodwind and Brass students if they have both a school-owned instrument at home and at school.

9341 – A few Woodwind and Brass players who play a school-owned instrument at school but still have their own instrument at home for practicing. For example, a student might own their own French Horn at home but use a school-owned French Horn daily in school.

Do not pay instrument rental if: you never play a school-owned instrument, or you own your instrument but play a different instrument daily during school. For example, you might own a clarinet and practice on it at home, but you play a school-owned bass clarinet daily at school. In this case, you do not pay any instrument rental fee at all.

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