Theatre Production Lettering Policy

All points – maximums at discretion of directors.
All Points are maximum points available and lesser value may be given.
The point criteria for lettering in theatre will be as follows:
30 – Student director/stage manager full length show, musical, ENCORE!
20 – Student director/stage manager for One-Act
25 – Major role in full-length show or musical
20 – Major supporting role in full-length show or musical
15 – Minor role in full-length show or musical
10 – “Walk on” or chorus role in full-length show
15 – Major role in One-Act play
10 – Minor role in One-Act play
  5 – Non-music performing role in ENCORE! production, or crew head
20 – Head of crew for full-length show
15 – Head of crew for One-Act
10 – Crew member for full-length show
  5 – Crew member for One-Act show
  5 – Publicity design for poster, program or flyer (any or all)
10 – Other areas of performance or crew work not rewarded by media or music
  1 – Ushering (performance of show); maximum of eight points may be counted towards letter from ushering.
10 – ENCORE! Full company
20 – ENCORE! Full company and feature
15 – ENCORE! Full company and solo
25 – ENCORE! Full company and several features/solos
20 – ENCORE!/Musical head of crew
10 – ENCORE!/Musical crewmember
  1. The director and assistant directors will make determination of points received by a student where appropriate, after the production.
  2. Students are encouraged to be active in both performing and technical areas each year.
  3. Cooperation with everyone involved in the production, as well as exhibiting a supportive attitude from auditions through rehearsals, and “Strike” will be given consideration in the assignment of points.
  4. Efforts, enthusiasm, and commitment are all important attributes to the student aspiring to a letter.
  5. Recording of points earned throughout the year will be by the director or assistant director and open to the student perusal.  The performing arts secretary will keep records in the main office.
  6. Students may opt for ENCORE!/Musical points to be counted in Vocal Music (if appropriate) and not in Theatre.
Honor letter award          =              60+ points
Letter award                        =               45-59 points
Thespian Award                =               30-44
Participation award        =               5-29 points