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Voucher for Officials & Athletic Event Workers

NEW! District 196 is currently transitioning to an electronic voucher for officials and event workers. All event workers, both employees and independent contractors, will fill out event information online and submit to the host school’s activities department. The link for our online voucher is below.  During the spring season, please do not fill out or submit the vouchers until the day of or after the game has been played.

NOTE: Each school in District 196 has a unique voucher form specific to that school. Individuals who work events for different schools within the district MUST complete the form respective to the host school for each event. Completing the same form each time for different schools will not complete processing.

If you have questions, please call: Emilie Kennedy at  651-683-6907

Or Sandra Setter at  651- 683-6912.

Link to Form for Event Workers and Officials