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 Important Message to Students and Families

March 19, 2020

Hello Eagan High School Students!

We hope this message finds you well and realize that this is a challenging time for all of us. We also understand the importance of all of us doing what we can for the best of everyone's health. Please know that your teachers are here for you and communicating with them through Schoology or email is always welcome. As you are aware, there is no instruction and no new assignments given out this week (March 16-20) as well as during Spring Break (March 23-27). If schools are asked to do so, teachers will begin distance learning on Monday, March 30 and until we are able to return to school. This means teachers will be communicating their assignments and messages through Schoology.  Students will be on Schoology each school day in order to be marked “present” in attendance. Given this possibility, there are some things that you can do to prepare yourself for this. Please see these below:

* Look at developing a schedule in which you are able to devote some blocks of time for completing assignments. Be sure to build in physical activity, meal times, and other responsibilities. Teachers will be asked to post their work in Schoology by 9:30 am each morning and will communicate their "office hours" for that day as well.  They will have at least 3 office hours – meaning they will be available for emails and will respond to questions.

* Think about the space you have at home. Where might you study that has minimal distractions?

* Look at who you might need support from. These people might be family members, counselors, case managers, teachers, or tech support. Questions can always be addressed to your PAWS Teacher, and they can direct specific questions to the appropriate people.

· Technical Issues:

· Schoology Issues: Email

· Online Textbook Issues:

* Know how to access your courses in Schoology. Most teachers will send out messages, using the UPDATES option in their courses, informing you what might be expected. Teachers also understand that it will be key to be flexible with due dates and expectations, based on responsibilities the student might have at home.

* Have your iPad updated to the latest iOS system and charged every day; these are UPDATING INSTRUCTIONS if you need them. If for some reason you do not have access to your iPad, look at your other options for accessing Schoology, such as a home computer; you can always login from the Eagan HS Homepage.

* Inform your PAWS Teacher if your family needs internet or WiFi access. Families can also access the COVID-19 website for information about receiving free WiFi access during this time. We have also posted CDC information on the front page of our website for dealing with stress and mental health during these days of uncertainty.

Take Care!  We miss you!

Dr. Polly Reikowski, Principal

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