South of the River Tents
Supporting Your Community
South of the River Tents was founded by three Eagan High School teachers and coaches. Graduation parties? Weddings? Yeah, we’ve seen our share. We know how important a tent can be to make the day special. We’ve also seen the mistakes others have made and know how to make sure they don’t happen to you.
We are proud that our company is able to provide quality jobs to some of our local students. We stress the importance of customers service and treat all of our employees with respect. In turn, they pass that on to our customers. Plus, if pounding in tent stakes all summer makes these kids a little stronger for their upcoming sports season, that’s a win for everybody!
Call us at 651-456-TENT

Unique Software & Computers
Unique Software Corporation is one of the largest Education Resellers in the upper Midwest. Our mission is to provide educational institutions with leading technology at a cost effective price. Mission Statement Our goal is to provide a total solution for Educational Institutions. This includes providing the Computer Software and Hardware Solutions for the whole Campus. 3140 Neil Armstrong Blvd Phone 651.454.0622 FAX 651.454.7929 Eagan, MN 55121 Link to Unique's Online Store

ACT scores matter! They play a vital role in college admissions as well as scholarship opportunities. ACT Addvantage has consistently helped our students achieve higher ACT scores.
ACT Addvantage has tutored hundreds of students in all subject areas of the ACT Exam. A team of experienced professionals collaborate to keep instruction relevant to current exams.
Lisa Finke, director of Math Addvantage and ACT Addvantage, and Adrian Honeycutt, a licensed English teacher, together teach the Comprehensive ACT Prep Course. Small Group Subject – Specific Courses and Private ACT Tutoring are also available.
For more information or to register for any of our programs go to or contact us at or 651-452-6119.

Math Addvantage Tutoring Service
Math Addvantage has over 25 years experience tutoring high school students through Private Tutoring, Small Group Tutoring, and ACT Prep. The expertise of our tutors, the service of our staff, and the VALUE of our programs are unequaled.
Why Math Addvantage?
    *Expert Instruction from a team of professional tutors who specialize in specific subjects. Over 15 years experience with EHS curriculum.
    *Exceptional Customer Service- Every effort is made to accommodate student schedules and unique needs, including missed sessions. Progress summaries are provided to parents every week.
    *Affordability and Value-unlimited Math Add sessions are included (free!) for all enrolled students for test prep and extra help. Variety of Programs for all budgets.
    *Tutoring Center- conveniently located in Eagan Town Center and designed for our students!
    *RESULTS- Over one thousand Eagan students have been served- improving their math knowledge, confidence, and academic performance. Ask them about Math Addvantage!
    Private and Small Group Tutoring is available Monday through Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. All math subjects tutored including regular, honors and AP classes. Chemistry and Physics tutoring also available.
    For more information or to register for any of our programs go to or contact us at or 651-452-6119.

Bremer Bank- Eagan
A lot of banks call themselves community banks, but Bremer Bank is in a league of its own. We’re owned by the Otto Bremer Foundation and Bremer employees. Together, the Otto Bremer Foundation and Bremer Bank give more than $25 million in grants and donations annually. Bremer Bank is proud to support Eagan High School.

Qdoba Mexican Grill, the fast-casual restaurant known for its fresh Mexican fare, is located in Eagan at 1298 Promenade Place. Qdoba believes that their most important ingredient is the one you don’t see – their love of food. This can be seen in everything they do, from the way they prepare fresh ingredients each morning and throughout the day, to the way they offer so much variety on their menu that guests can create literally millions of different flavor combinations. Every entrée, including burritos, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and taco salads is customized to fit guest’s individual taste preferences and dietary restrictions. For occasions outside the restaurant that call for Mexican fare, Qdoba also offers catering, with buffet-style Taco, Nacho and Naked Burrito® bars. To learn more about Qdoba, go to, or find them on Facebook at QdobaMinneapolis.

Interested in Advertising on the EHS Webpage??
Want to advertise on a POPULAR site??!! The Eagan High School HOMEPAGE averages over 125,000 hits a month; our website (including over 200 subsites) had over 729, 000 hits during May of 2010 alone! We are committed to honoring all local businesses and sponsorships! If you are interested in advertising on the EHS Website, please contact Rita Anderson at

AIFS Foundation

Welcome a student from Germany, China, Brazil, Russia, or another country into your home!

• Learn about another culture
• Build a relationship
• Promote international understanding

Families are asked to provide meals, a place to sleep and study, and a loving home environment for their student.

For more details contact: Sandra Ward: 651-686-7485

Kelly Stock, Educational Consulting
Providing solution based academic coaching. I provide ACT Prep for all five of the tested subjects - English, Math, Reading, Science, and the optional Essay. I also assist students needing additional support in their classes ranging from private tutoring to final review sessions. I tailor instruction to fit specific learning styles and needs while providing the necessary skills and confidence for success. Please visit to determine how I can enhance your studies.